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A Personal Welcome
Curt Hayes
Founder & Partner, BlueDog Group LLC
WELCOME…and thank-you for subscribing to the BlueDog Qualifier App for Resi AV. We are very aware of the impact the COVID-19 restrictions are having on our industry. That's why we're launching the app now - 5 MONTHS AHEAD of our planned release. Our intent was to formally launch at CEDIA, but are pulling the initial release up as we believe the app can be used as a “virtual” prospecting tool during our collective house arrest. It’s browser based, so can be used in conjunction with a Zoom meeting with a prospective client in order to develop scope (# of items) and budget (cost)…thus accelerating the sales cycle while reducing “sticker shock”. Think “prospecting while respecting social distancing”…we know how important it is to keep the pipelines flowing during this freeze!
So, although we're still in "pre-beta" phase of development, we think "good enough" trumps "ideal" in this unique situation. There are admittedly a number of rough edges, and MUCH room for improvement, so we ask your patience in light of the risk we're taking to go live this early. Additionally, we're making the app free while these COVID-19 restrictions are in place…a 90 day free trial to start, which we may extend if necessary. For an industry accustomed to personal interaction with clients, hopefully this will offer sales people a new "reason to meet" to keep the lines of communication open until things get back to normal.
Now, just create your BlueDog account so you can access the app. Remember to use the same email address that you just used for your subscription. Once you access the app, click on Settings to enter your company information, including tax, misc materials and design retainer (if desired)…and you'll be ready to create estimates (using the + button). I'd love to get your feedback and hear how it goes…please email me at curt.hayes@bluedog.group With that we welcome you to "the pack"! Good luck out there and stay safe!