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20% OFF concept drawing PROMO

Ready to close clients remotely 


 with these two simple but powerful tools?

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Space Planning

You may be wondering...

So what are these tools?


Are they really simple yet powerful?


And how can I reach my potential clients working remotely to really close the deal?

Great questions! So buckle up, we think you're gonna feel really pumped to take action once you see how well these tools can work together for you or your sales team!

20% OFF Concept drawing PROMO

You've heard the phrase

A picture is worth a thousand words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a concept drawing along with your Qualifier App Estimate can be worth thousands of dollars. The client you're approaching is building his or her dream home or dream project.


When you create a concept drawing this simply provides a vision board, of sorts, for the client to actually see the components of his or her new smart system in each room of the floor plan. Rather than a dry, abstract report with a bunch of line items and numbers, it brings an Estimate to life. 

The client can now better visualize what their future smart system will look like from room to room, from outside and around the pool, or coming up the driveway and into the garage. All the components are there across the floor plans so now the dollar amounts can make more sense. It gives the client a way to actually see his or her system for the first time.

Interior designers and architects do this all the time. They provide the mock-ups, mood boards, and 3D renderings to help their clients envision their total project. Trying to visualize key pads, hidden speakers, or electric shades becomes a bit more difficult for clients to see in thier mind's eye.


So concept drawings are a simple yet powerful tool to help your potential client bridge that gap. Plus, the extra effort on your, the integrator's, part to provide this additional layer of service will definitely go a long way toward closing the deal.

And the BlueDog team is here to support smart systems integrators do just that!

Ready to close clients remotely 


 with these two simple but powerful tools?

New.BlueDog Group (2).png

20% OFF Concept drawing PROMO

Here's the simple BlueDog Toolkit:

1.  Qualifier App Estimate

2.  Concept Drawing

And this is all you'll need to close clients today!

To start using your Toolkit:

  • Sign Up for the Free 90 Day trial of the Qualifier App

  • Screen share the app with your client to create an Estimate

  • Send Us the Estimate you've created in the App

  • BlueDog Design will create a Concept Drawing from the App Estimate at 20% OFF (valid through May 31, 2020)


20% OFF Concept drawing PROMO

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With Social Distancing how can you prospect new business? Here's how!

Select, Slide, Save...and Report... It's actually that simple!


Standing in front of a potential client, you can literally load the number of components and see the running tally immediately.


No more customer sticker shock! The final estimate is at your real time!


Try it out for FREE for the next 90 days During covid-19 crisis!




Save 20%

Why choose


and how can our team help you save time & money?

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With over 30 years in this industry, we get what AV integrators need most. And we're committed  to supporting smart systems integrators in making their job easier.


We reduce your time and effort to create compelling, complete, and accurate Proposals and Scopes of Work so you can focus on your relationships with your customers instead of creating proposals.  


Our experienced designers work with you to determine the scope and system capabilities required and then specify all of the equipment, materials and labor necessary to complete the project. 

On his recent interview Automation Unplugged, Curt says one thing is clear:

Talking sales processes and proposals, it's clear how important it is to keep the pipeline full.


We need to do all we can to help AV interators get more sales!


And especially during this crucial time.

Using our Qualifier App to quickly put an estimate together over a screen share call and then providing the visual of a concept drawing to the client can truly seal the deal - while even working remotely!

20% OFF Concept drawing PROMO

How does BlueDog Group make your life easier?


  •  We Create and Accelerate Proposals + System Designs

  •  Shorten the Sales Cycle

  •  Manage Product + Labor Catalogs

The concept drawing provides a visual representation of the system, using images of proposed equipment on Client provided floor plan drawing.  These images provide the prospective client an indication of what they can expect to “see” and expect in terms of functionality.  This document typically includes only the main components contained within each location as follows:

  • Displays

  • Speakers

  • User Interfaces

  • Source Components

  • Integrated Systems

Yes! I'd like to grab the Concept Drawing Promo!

Just enter 'CDPromo' in the message field

Qualifier App

Or if you have any questions.

20% Off

$250 per page

SALE $200 (per page)

FREE 90 Day Trial



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