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BDG.Lounge (1).png

Not too boujee but maybe a little boozey

and yep, dogs allowed on the couch (especially blue ones!)

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See ya inside!

grab a cocktail & scroll

Come hang with us

BDG.Lounge (1).png

BYOB /coffee...umm tea drinkers out there?

All good bruh!

Wanna kick back & talk some shop?

Awesome. Come hang with us!

But that's not all!

We're stocking the Resources & top-shelf Forum

Clinking Whiskey Glasses
Modern Lounge
Billiards Table

We won't be pulling out the Proust Questionaire.

promise you THAT.

Can't promise there won't be some sports trivia goin'on. Probably some  Betcha haven't heard THIS 80's band or definitely late 70's head banger group

Guaranteed geeking out over gadgets & well, of course, electronics. Seriously, isn't that how the hell we ended up in this industry?

Deal is, we're not as nerdy as we look.
Then again

maybe we are.  OK true that.

BUT we think it's time to loosen that tie (anyone actually wear them?) or throw on the sweats & get the scoop on some 'real life' stuff. 

(Our guys are up to some cool sh*t.

And guessing you are too)

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