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Drum Roll...Our New App! For Free!

Yep, you heard that right!

We here at BlueDog Group are well aware of the impact the COVID-19 restrictions are having on our industry.  First and foremost, we hope you, your teams and all of your families are safe. 

Now – for the news…

Today we are launching our BlueDog Qualifier for Resi AV app… FOR FREE!!!!

Our intent was to launch this app at the 2020 CEDIA Expo in Denver but we’ve decided to accelerate the initial release and launch our app now - 5 MONTHS AHEAD so we can share this “virtual” prospecting tool during our collective house arrest - FREE for 90 days as we weather the lock downs!!!

This browser based app can be used on any platform and in conjunction with a Zoom meeting with a prospective client to develop scope (# of items) and budget (cost).  Prospecting with a “Scope & Budget” app accelerates the process of qualifying your customers while reducing “sticker shock” from the initial proposal. Think “prospecting while respecting social distancing”…we know how important it is to keep the pipelines flowing during this freeze!

Also, we're launching with a completely redesigned website!  We believe the new format is easier to navigate so you can find the info you need to see how we can help you w/your business…go explore!


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