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Proposal bottleneck? New Fixed-Fee Proposal Program from BlueDog!

After years of conversations with integrators, we hear a common theme: Getting accurate proposals created and out the door is a challenge - a bottleneck to growth in many cases - particularly where the owner/operator is also the primary sales generator.

A close second has to do with the sales team. They're getting the proposals done but aren't best suited for the level of detail required. Preferably, the sales team should be doing what they do best: sitting in front of customers selling instead of sitting in front of a computer working on proposals.

Do either of these sound familiar? If so, we're pleased to announce that we have a great solution for you!

A recurring request of our design services team regarding proposal creation has been for some sort of "fixed fee"…something that a budget can be built around. Given the vast range of variables involved, this has been a real challenge. And frankly a nut we'd not yet cracked - until now.

It's our job to make YOUR job easier. To give your business more capacity by offloading design, documentation and data maintenance from your team…so they can spend more time out in the field getting things done!

We're launching our new Fixed-Fee Proposal Program to relieve the proposal burden we see weighing on many of you.

In short, our program creates proposals for a fixed fee ranging from 1-2% based on project size. There are some restrictions but the goal is to keep it as simple yet supportive for you as possible.

You'll receive

  • A set of reports in PDF format generated using D-Tools SI (example).

  • By utilizing the BlueDog product catalog, not only do we capture the necessary product and labor (plus associated accessories),

  • These reports can be parsed and organized many ways:

Show/hide price,

Show/hide accessories,

Show by room/by system,

Show EQ and Labor separately, etc.

  • To provide deliverables suited for sales, operations, and management - with meaningful metrics to determine your overall project profitability.

Note: Capacity for this program WILL be limited and we hope to build a long-term relationship with our integrators who take advantage of this new program.

If you're interested, please contact me directly for more information at

New to outsourcing? I encourage you to checkout our "Why Outsource" doc.

Thanks - and as always, we're here to support you in any ways we can!

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