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Is Your Proposal Software Doing Its Job?

How do you know? Is it your Data or your Software? Let's find out!

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There are many proposal software applications available and lots of ways to go about creating a proposal…so how do you know if your approach is the right one?

What, exactly, is the criteria to determine if your proposal software is doing its job?

A few come to my mind:

  • Probably top of all lists is pricing…is it current and accurate? Is it keeping up w/the rapid price increases seen across the industry the past few years?

  • A close second, because it involves "the money", would be labor. Is it providing accurate estimates for all the hours associated w/the physical installation labor (including device setup), as well as for project management, system design, programming and administrative support (all your back office expenses)?

And in no particular order thereafter…

  • Is it capturing all of the bits (back-boxes & brackets, power supplies, interconnect cables, etc.)?

  • Is it complete, that is, does it include not only all the obvious items (TVs, speakers, remotes, extenders, amps, etc.), but all the miscellaneous items often required (owner supplied equipment, the random all-thread rod or under bed TV lift allowance, calibration and programming labor)?

  • Is it consistent, such that business PROCESS can be established based on the output? Are phase labor and install hours assigned similarly across all manufacturers and categories? Do items include dimensions and I/O's necessary for technical documentation? Do all items include the essential accessories necessary for successful installation?

The list could go on and on, but if the answer to any or all of these is "no" then it begs a follow-up question…

Is your proposal SOFTWARE at fault, or is it the DATA behind your proposal software?

As one who's been in this industry over 30 years - and head of an outsource system design company the last half of that - my experience suggests it's the DATA.

I know for a fact that there is proposal software that meets the above criteria, because the software we utilize for our design services team does so…if it didn't we wouldn't have been able to do the job we do for integration companies big and small - and projects big and small - for over 15 years.

…but I also know that it wouldn't if not for the DATA behind it.

If you feel like your proposal software is coming up short, then I invite you to check out our data solution for D-Tools SI. For more information click HERE

Or shoot me an email to schedule a time for a quick demo:


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