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Concept Drawing: Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Let our architect-grade drawings help leapfrog your competition.

You've heard the phrase. And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a concept drawing along with your Qualifier App Estimate can be worth thousands of dollars. The client you're approaching is investing his or her dream home or dream project, show them how you are invested in the process with them.

When you create a concept drawing this simply provides a vision board, of sorts, for the client to actually see the components of his or her new smart system in each room of the floor plan. Rather than a dry, abstract report with a bunch of line items and numbers, it brings an Estimate to life.

The client can now better visualize what their future smart system will look like from room to room, from outside and around the pool, or coming up the driveway and into the garage. All the components are there across the floor plans - so now the dollar amounts can make more sense. It gives the client a way to see his or her system for the first time.

Interior designers and architects do this all the time. They provide the mock-ups, mood boards, and 3D renderings to help their clients envision their total project. Trying to visualize keypads, hidden speakers, or electric shades are a bit difficult for clients to see in their mind's eye.

Concept drawings are a simple yet powerful tool to help your potential client bridge that gap. Plus, the extra effort on your part to provide this additional layer of service will definitely go a long way toward closing the deal.

And the BlueDog team is here to support smart systems integrators doing just that... AND at a 50% OFF PROMO PRICE!


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