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Didja Know...??? End of the 1st Half...and 2nd Half Adjustments!

The events of an unusual "1st half" shape plans for 2nd half adjustments.

Those who know me very well know I'm a football fan...and a sports fan in general.  All sports rely on in-game adjustments, but football especially.  Great coaches and teams are known for their ability to assess 1st half performance and make the necessary half-time adjustments to prevail...often overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds (cough, cough...sorry 'Niners and Falcon's fans!).

As the 1st half of 2020 has wound down, I've begun contemplating what that means for the 2nd half.  I think it's fair to say that no one could have predicted in December the societal upheaval we've all experienced, but as with most crises new opportunities emerge.

To "kick-off" the 2nd half next week I'm going to highlight 3 product categories that have suddenly been propelled from "emerging trend" to real, relevant and real-time opportunities as we all adjust to the "COVID-19" world we now live in. 

I hope you'll tune in!

But today I'll head to the locker room with the BlueDog team, looking forward to a "breather" for the 4th of July holiday.  I encourage us all to spend a little bit of time reflecting on the past 6 months and what we've learned as a result...but not too much.  The past is a rear-view mirror, and the little you can see there is behind you.  It doesn't have to affect your future unless you stop and stay there.

Rather, let's look forward through the windshield at the road before us.  There will be hills to climb and unexpected detours to be sure, but there are exciting destinations ahead and the road beckons those who embrace the challenges and choose to l travel it!

On behalf of the BlueDog team, I thank you for your support in cheering us on through the 1st half and I wish you a safe and (hopefully) relaxing 4th of July holiday...all the best!

Didja know...??? Is a series of "information bits" by Curt Hayes, BlueDog Group co-founder and managing partner, and architect of the BlueDog Database.


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