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Didja Know...??? Hot off the Universal Dimmers from Crestron!

Crestron Cameo Universal Wireless Dimmers - Smart, beautiful, and lower cost.

Passing along news today from Crestron that has gotten the attention of our lighting team here at BlueDog Group...Cameo(r) Universal Wireless Dimmers - smart, beautiful, and lower cost!  Available in a variety of flavors, they'll be available in the BlueDog database for subscribers later this week (along w/updated prices and product discontinuations).

For those of you who might not yet be aware, we here at BlueDog Group license access to the very same professionally managed database used by our professional design team.  If your company users D-Tools SI software, and struggles keeping up w/these kinds of new product releases, product EOL and price updates...we can help.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

In case you missed the release, here's what Crestron has to say about them...

"Now, you don't have to worry about what load types are in the home. Cameo(r) universal wireless dimmers automatically choose the ideal dimming method, including LED, incandescent, magnetic low voltage, and electronic low voltage, so you can design projects with confidence even before the load types have been defined.

These 600W/120VAC universal dimmers are feature-rich with advanced flicker reduction for LED loads, customizable dim curves, and robust protection against miswiring, short circuits, and MLV saturation. Integrated smart load technology and no minimum load requirement make the CLW-DIMUEX indispensable for low wattage dimmable LEDs. CLW-DIMUEX dimmers work natively with the Crestron Home(tm) app. CLW-DIMUEX dimmers feature Cameo designer style and colors, reliable inifiNET EX(r) wireless mesh communication, and customized button layouts and engraving."

So what effect does that have on the existing lineup?  Here's more on that from Crestron...

"Cameo 120VAC Dimmers/Switches Price Reduction...

Great news! We've lowered the price of our 120VAC Cameo(r) dimmers and switches, making Crestron wireless solutions more attractive than ever. In many cases pricing for the Professional (-P) products are reduced to Express (-E) prices. As a result, the Express line will be discontinued.

With lower prices, a simplified product line, and a new universal dimmer, the beautiful and versatile line of Cameo dimmers and switches has never been more appealing."

So there you have it...simpler, less expensive...what more could you ask for!

Didja know...??? Is a series of "information bits" by Curt Hayes, BlueDog Group co-founder and managing partner, and architect of the BlueDog Database. 


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