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Didja Know...??? Is it okay to get excited about a rack?

Middle Atlantic introduces AXS-IR slide out rack series

With CEDIA upon us it's "new product announcement" season and I can't help but be amazed at how our industry continues to find ways to keep improving what would seem to be fully mature product categories...gets my "inner installer" juices flowing every Fall.  To wit, Middle Atlantic got an early jump w/announcement of the AXS-IR slide out rack...which begs the question "is it okay to get excited about an equipment rack"?  You bet it is...let's check it out!

While the "digital revolution" has greatly reduced the demand for rack space, it hasn't eliminated it.  And if there's a universal project management question for AV/smart systems integrators it's "where can we put the rack?" We all know this is usually a compromised location at best, which is why I take my hat off to Middle Atlantic for expanding on the WR Series with an innovative solution.  As they put it in the announcement:

"If you have an installation where space behind a rack is limited or non-existent and access to the rear of the equipment is near impossible but necessary, the AXS System In Rack (IR) is the perfect solution.  Select an AXS when space-limited environments require equipment bays to be placed up against a wall or back to back and a straight pullout is preferred.  Available in multiple heights and depths, this rack can support all sizes of systems with a high weight capacity and seismic rating".

Of course...put the AXS in a self-contained rack frame...why didn't we think of this sooner!  Here are some of the many benefits to this design:

*        Host enclosure can be pre-installed on-site

*        Detachable rack frame can be integrated with equipment and tested off-site

*        Includes articulating cable carriers for effective cable management

*        Service stand raises service tracks to bottom of AXS, allowing it to pull out

*        Standard fixed front and rear 10-32 threaded rackrail with numbered spaces

These coupled w/the host of existing accessories offered by Middle Atlantic immediately elevates this new series to the top of the "spec this rack" list...and of course, for BlueDog Database subscribers you'll see them showing up in your catalogs soon!

Didja know...??? Is a series of "information bits" by Curt Hayes, BlueDog Group co-founder and managing partner, and architect of the BlueDog Database. 

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