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Didja Know...??? Turn your lighting control "dots" into "docs"!

Lighting control documentation that shows "you're a pro"

According to a recent CE Pro "Deep Dive" the lighting control/lighting market is poised for double digit growth in the year ahead. Now you might say "we're on it"! But we ask...are you as prepared to capitalize on this trend as you'd like to be?

Over the next few weeks we'll dig in to this question, but we'll start with this. Is your lighting control documentation putting you in the "right light"?

Is the professionalism you desire on display to the architect, interior designer and other project stakeholders? Are you proficient working in AutoCAD, or are you still working in "highlighters and stick-on dots" to mark up your plans?

If so, our lighting control design team here at BlueDog Group can elevate your game and take you from "dots" to "docs"...easily and quickly. Not only is your professionalism on the line, but what about your time? Accuracy? Profitability?

Many AV integrators are still only participating on the fringe of the lighting control category, not because they can't do the work but because they don't have the design resources in house to feel confident interacting w/other professionals on the project, as mentioned above.


BlueDog can provide as much (or as little) assistance as you need to actively (and professionally) engage w/GCs, electrical trades and designers.

In large measure, to succeed w/all the above boils down to the documentation (plus the requisite experience to produce it). In the purely AV realm, the expectations for drawings aren't as high as w/lighting control design. To start, lighting control drawings are generally a requirement for permits, so it's critical to be working in AutoCAD in order to collaborate in fulfilling this responsibility.

Professional drawing and documentation also dramatically improve accuracy of the project, ensuring proper counts and placement of devices. Good documentation also provides the foundation for improved process, which improves efficiency by making it easier to communicate w/the GC and electrical contractor...not to mention your internal team (think ordering/receiving, installation, programming).

With accuracy, improved process and efficiency comes the biggest win...profitability. I don't think I need to elaborate on this point!

Needless to say, this skill set CAN be developed in-house...but that's an expensive proposition. Alternatively, like dozens of our successful clients, you can enlist the BlueDog team to support you all the way through. Done right, there is no need to incur the ongoing overhead(aches) of staff, standards development, software and training. Rather, by partnering w/BlueDog Group, the lighting control design can become a new profit category unto itself.

Finally, the most often overlooked factor is...what about your time? There's only so much of it, and we all get the same 24 hours in a day. For the AV integrator, that's rarely enough...and finding good help that can be relied on is difficult. So why not delegate this critical work to a trusted team that brings YEARS of experience, capability and best-practices to your organization...practically overnight?

We're here to help. If you're ready to turn YOUR "dots into docs", please contact us for more information...don't let your competition gain any more it today and make 2021 your best year yet in this exciting product category!

Didja know...??? Is a series of "information bits" by Curt Hayes, BlueDog Group co-founder and managing partner, and architect of the BlueDog Database.

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