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Didja Know...??? Work has come stay!

Remote work creates opportunities for AV/smart systems integrators

Covid-19 and working from home creates opportunities for AV integrators

It's no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled "working from home" to the forefront.  As cited in this article from TechRepublic:

"COVID-19 has effectively become a tipping point for remote workers," said Shawn Dickerson, senior vice president of marketing at KeyedIn. "Many of us in the tech industry were already familiar with the tools and techniques for working outside an office, such as video conferencing, social messaging, cloud file sharing, etc. But this pandemic has forced workers in almost every sector to adopt those tools and techniques, which I believe has forever changed the dynamic of work."

So how can we, the AV/smart systems integrators, help our clients adapt to this new reality?  There are some fairly obvious "product solutions" (which I'll touch on below), but I believe that as this article mentions, work-life balance is a key "design" factor.

Having run a virtual business for nearly 15 years, I've learned that having a dedicated work space is critical to establishing boundaries between home life and work life.  For some, having the two intermingled means never being "off" work.  The constancy of the "dings" from phone, tablet and computer, coupled w/the ease of access to the screen to "just answer this last email", can mean that being at work never ends.

However, for others - especially those who have been thrust into this new environment involuntarily - being "on" for work can be the issue.  Without the structure of the drive to work and expectation of presence "in the office", requires more self-discipline than many can muster...and it's the distractions of being HOME that can cause a drop in productivity and potentially threaten one's very job!

So as a creative and results oriented AV/smart systems integrator, why not apply some ingenuity and a healthy dose of technology products to help your prospect create a truly functional space, where there is a clear delineation of work and home?  First, identify and define the space that is to be "the office".  Ideally, a separate room w/a door to create both physical and mental separation of "work" vs. "home", and to control noise (not to mention un-invited interruptions from family or pets!).

Then make the space inviting and comfortable for work...think sit/stand desk, ergonomic seating, quality lighting for both extended work sessions and video calls, acoustic treatments for improved audio...perhaps even some upgraded aesthetics from your favorite interior designer (it is for work, after all..."it's a write off"!).

Then bring on the technology.  Think "huddle space", w/professional video conferencing, unified communications w/the office, control...maybe even an "on air" sign (or door hang) to let all parties in the house know...I'm working...DND! 

Crestron has a great selection of these kinds of products.  Here are a few Workspace products for consideration and inspiration.

Now, go get your clients OFF the laptop, OUT of bed and IN to a first class working home!

Didja know...??? Is a series of "information bits" by Curt Hayes, BlueDog Group co-founder and managing partner, and architect of the BlueDog Database.


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