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How Do We Help D-Tools Users?

Hey, are you currently using D-Tools? If you are, we're here to help you! You may not be aware that we have a unique Data Service to support your D-Tools software that gets your data engine really humming.

Let's face it, your data is only as good as how you can use it. It's like buying a car but the engine is all in parts - that you have to assemble and build yourself. No easy task!

Why not let us put the Data Engine together for you?

A software application is ONLY as good as the product and labor data in its database, and

BlueDog Data provides just that…CURATED AND ENRICHED DATA…

or as we like to say data that is...Accurate, Consistent, Complete.

So what are managed Data & labor catalogs? And how can this help you?

It is a set of services we have created so that you, the integrator, will never have to enter product or labor data into D-Tools again. We created this service because, as former owners and operators of integration companies, we found ourselves spending way too much time entering and managing data.  

This took our attention away from managing sales, customer relationships and day-to-day operations.  If you are like us and most of our clients, you would prefer to be focused on growth, sales, and operations rather than data-entry or data-management.


Benefits to using our data service:

Our Managed Catalog service is hyper-focused on delivering value in these 3 core areas:

  • Increasing sales velocity and proposal quality

    • Proposal creation in a fraction of the time because you have the products in your catalog, but you also have:

      • Associated installation labor

      • Associated accessories

      • Correct installation phase assignments

      • Consistent categorization

      • Product images and specifications

  • Consistent formatting for product descriptions, product names, images, and specifications yield highly polished and professional proposals

  • Increasing profit margins per project and for the whole business

    • Accurate descriptions, phases, specifications of all products in the Product Catalog help you to select the right products for the job

    • Accurate pricing and cost data enables you to use the most profitable items in your proposals

    • Associated labor with each item in the catalog ensures you account for installation costs and effort

    • Products that have accessories attached to them ensures you don't forget the little things that when overlooked can reduce margins

  • Increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness

    • Defined category structure that are easy to work with and understand

      • Category structure takes into consideration needs of sales, engineering, and accounting

      • Category structure is applicable during the proposal, engineering, and purchasing process

  • Streamlined processes from proposal generation

To learn more about how our Data Service works, Go Here

And also check out our Why Outsource?? Video below because...

Life Is Too Short for you to be

  • ​Sitting on a mountain of proposals

  • Inputting tedious data rather than out selling

  • Spending hours on endless revisions

  • Losing potential clients for preventable problems


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