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Missed it? Here's the Automation Unplugged Interview with BlueDog's, Curt Hayes

If you missed it, this was a great chat with Ron Callis, CEO of One Firefly and BlueDog's Managing Partner, Curt Hayes, who are both 'old-timers' to the AV Industry, and, now as it's morphed into smart systems for homes and businesses. In a sense, they've both travelled parallel journeys within this industry literally spanning decades...and in this interview discuss changes, pivots, as well as getting down to the basics of sales.

Ron asks Curt how BlueDog now supports smart systems integrators today and Curt expands on many helpful tips and tools for streamlining the sales process and shortening the sales cycle overall.

Additionally, he includes ways to keep the sales process flowing even when working remotely during this quarantine and as social distancing continues to be on everyone's mind as the economy begins to reopen again. More specifically, eliminating the bottlenecks in your business to keep the pipeline full. As Curt mentions:

"There's not an actual agenda set, however, I'd like to discuss helpful tips around sales and especially shortening the sales cycle. Certainly our new Qualifier App is a great tool for supporting Smart Systems/AV integrators in this approach."

If you didn't catch the FB live, you'll definitely want to listen in to these industry veterans and, who knows, maybe even take some notes!

As a bonus, we have a special offer coming to you in Monday's Didja Know???

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Automation Unplugged Show #113 features Curt Hayes, CEO/Managing Partner of BlueDog Group.

With 30-years of experience in the audio/video and automation industry, Curt got his start in the late ’80s at Preston Trail Audio in Dallas after graduating from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration focused in Marketing. At Preston Trail Audio, Curt spent years learning the business first-hand from industry pioneers including Dan D’Agostino (Krell), John McIntosh (B&W), and Noel Lee (Monster Cable).

Curt co-founded South Florida-based BlueDog Group where they create, streamline, and accelerate proposals and system designs for residential and commercial integrators. Curt has also been an active member of industry and executive organizations including CEDIA, NAHB, and The Chauncey Group, a nationally recognized testing and certification organization, to help develop the standards for home technology integrators.

Recorded Live on Thursday, April 23rd at 12:30 p.m. EDT.

More info about Ron and his popular podcast, Automation Unplugged Go Here


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