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Upcoming Podcast Interview! One Firefly: Automation Unplugged

We have some very cool news this week: Curt Hayes, our Founder/Partner of BlueDog Group, will be joining Ron Callis of the One Firefly live streaming podcast, Automation Unplugged!

"One Firefly, LLC, is an award-winning marketing agency that caters to technology professionals in the custom integration, security and solar energy markets. Automation Unplugged series which premiered in April 2017, originally launched as a weekly Facebook Live series featuring host and One Firefly CEO Ron Callis, who interviews leading industry personalities and technology professionals regarding all things related to business development, technology trends, and business management best practices."

Later, as of 2019, they launched the popular series as a podcast. Listeners, fans, and viewers of the series, which now has over 100 shows, can subscribe and download new shows from their favorite podcast platforms. Additionally, One Firefly is actively transcribing all past and new episodes on the Automation Unplugged website. Visitors to the page will be able to read full transcripts for each interview along with detailed show notes.

For more details and to learn more about Automation Unplugged please visit:

And stay tuned this week for more details on Thursday's episode with BlueDog Group's, Curt Hayes!


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