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Qualifier APP: Getting Started

Here's a quick video to help you get started today!

BlueDog Group's goal is to make the AV Integrator's job easier... in as many ways as possible! We do this by continuing to roll out a spectrum of services to cover your ongoing needs... from time consuming detail work like data entry for product revisions to large scale projects requiring expert and professional document presentations.

We're pumped about our latest addition: The Qualifier for Resi-AV APP! It's a browser based APP that allows you to provide quick and easy Budget Estimates for your prospective clients within minutes... all from your laptop or tablet!

Now is definitely the time to try our Qualifier APP especially if you're still writing proposals for free. This tool has a feature field that allows for a percentage on a design retainer that's completely built-in, easily changed in your settings, and transfers seamlessly into your Estimate! You can also watch this video created specifically for Selling Design Retainers here.

The reviews we've gotten so far have been great so we're motivated to keep tweaking our Qualifier APP and services based on the ideas and suggestions we're getting from our current users and clients. If you're wondering how this tool can apply to your business, please check out the Qualifier for Resi-AV APP page for more info and pricing. Single users can start FREE!

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