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What Value Do AV Integrators Provide?

AV magazine is asking and would love to hear from the AV industry. First of all, what is AV and what value do AV professionals bring to the table?

"At this special time, when companies may be putting projects on hold, we want to spell out what it is AV professionals really do, and the value they bring to the organisations they serve.

This has never been more important than now, when it might be tempting for some organisations to see AV as an expendable asset.

So, how would you describe AV to someone outside our industry, and define the vital roles AV professionals play?

And of course, don’t forget if we’re not capable of doing this from within our industry, how can we ever expect the outside world to take us seriously and allow us to attract those with the skills and experience we so desperately need?

I’m sure completing surveys may not be top of your priority list right now, but in the spirit of trying to work as close to normal as possible, we’d appreciate it if you could answer as many of our questions as you can." Go to The Article Here


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